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Senator Anwar Votes To Support Legislation Removing Barrier From Veterans Receiving State Services

HARTFORD, CT – Early this morning, State Senator Saud Anwar (D-South Windsor), who serves on the Veterans’ Affairs Committee, voted with the Senate to approve legislation removing a significant barrier blocking veterans from receiving certain services. It further redefines the definition of “wartime service,” removing redundant text from current laws.

Senate Bill No. 861, “An Act Concerning the Definition of ‘Service in Time of War’ and State Residency Requirements for Certain Veterans’ Services,” removes a two-year residency requirement for veterans to utilize the Department of Veterans Affairs’ residential services program. Veterans who were not residents of Connecticut prior to enlistment previously had to live in the state for two years before being eligible for the program.

The legislation additionally strikes language from the definition of “wartime service” to clarify that qualifying wartime service may be less than a required ninety days if an individual left the military due to injury incurred in the line of duty. That aligns the state’s language with federal law and adjusts it to accommodate current state practice.

The legislation, which passed the Veterans’ Affairs Committee by a unanimous vote, received support from Department of Veterans Affairs Commissioner Thomas Saadi and Connecticut Veterans and Military Coalition Chairman Daniel Thurston.

“By making these changes, we remove a barrier that would otherwise block veterans from receiving key services,” said Sen. Anwar. “Veterans should not have to live in our state for two years after serving our country before receiving the services they’ve earned. It additionally refines the definition of ‘wartime service,’ taking into account veterans who have been injured in the line of duty. I am happy to see it pass and look forward to its progression to the House.”







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