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Sen. Leone Celebrates Stamford’s Success in New “First Five Plus” Analysis

STAMFORD – Stamford reinforced its reputation as Connecticut’s business capital with the release of a new report which shows that approximately half of all the new jobs grown over the past five years under Connecticut’s “First Five Plus” program have occurred in ‘the city that works,’ state Senator Carlo Leone (D-Stamford) said today.

A new report by the state Department of Economic and Community Development (DECD) titled “First Five Plus Program, Return on Investment Analysis” shows that of the 4,668 new jobs created in Connecticut over the past five years at 17 different First Five Plus companies, 2,328 of them – 50% -- were new jobs created at companies with headquarters or branches in Stamford.

The DECD report specifically notes that Stamford has attracted many of the First Five Plus companies due to its abundance of young workers, its newly developed high-amenity housing, and its easy access to New York City.

“I’ve always viewed Stamford as the business capital of Connecticut, and this new report confirms Stamford’s strengths and our attractiveness to new and expanding businesses in Connecticut,” Sen. Leone said. “The business and job growth reflects the opportunity in Stamford, and importantly, showcases the availability of talent and affordable housing in the area, and access to a modern and reliable transportation infrastructure that connects the businesses to their clients. This is why Stamford succeeds, and these are the types of business investments I continue to promote and fight for up in Hartford.”

According to the DECD, Stamford’s top five business performers under the First Five Plus program have been:

  • Charter Communications, 846 new jobs
  • NBC Sports Phases I & II, 659 new jobs
  • Synchrony Bank, 351 new jobs
  • Navigators insurance, 187 new jobs
  • Pitney Bowes (with offices in Stamford, Danbury and Shelton), 125 new jobs






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