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Senator Slossberg’s Capitol Corner: Budget Update

A monthly column in the Orange Times

Many people have contacted me since Governor Malloy gave his budget proposal last month. I have heard all your concerns and am working to defend our communities from this historically harsh budget. I am working on my colleagues to develop an alternative, and hope that we can pass it with bipartisan support.

Connecticut needs to find a new path forward that works for all of us, not only a few select communities. The governor’s budget recommends deep cuts to Milford, Orange and most other towns in the state of Connecticut. I believe this is the wrong direction for our state to go in, and will cause damage to our schools and communities that will be felt for years to come.

Strong cities are needed to generate lasting economic growth, and it is undeniable that we need to strengthen Connecticut’s cities. However, I do not believe that we should do this at the expense of funding for our schools and local infrastructure. Connecticut has great schools and wonderful towns with a high quality of life. We cannot afford to sacrifice those competitive advantages in hopes that our cities will experience unprecedented growth.

I believe that the best way forward is one that helps us all move forward, not one that picks winners and losers. Fortunately the budget is written by the legislature, not the governor. As a member of the Appropriations Committee, I have been working on a new draft of the budget that lays out a better future for Connecticut without undermining the growth of our suburban and rural communities. In the next few weeks, our budget-making committees will release a legislative budget proposal. These committees are chaired by Democrats and Republicans, and the legislative budget proposal will be based on bipartisan input.

We have made tough choices to manage Connecticut’s budget. We are making pension payments that were neglected for decades, and state government has been cut to its smallest size in years. The next steps forward will no doubt be challenging, and I hope that all parties will come to the table. We have a historic 18-18 split in the Senate, and it is my hope that my Republican colleagues will embrace this new responsibility. For us to pass a transformative budget, we need both sides to come to the table, negotiate in good faith, and be prepared to vote in favor of a compromise budget.

The legislative process is designed to be transparent and open to public participation. If you would like to follow along as the session progresses, or even come to Hartford and take part in the proceedings, you can find more information on everything we do on the General Assembly’s website: As always, you can also get in touch with me by sending an email or calling my office at 860-240-0482.






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