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Senator Slossberg’s Capitol Corner: Your Community

A column in the Orange Times

Your home isn’t just four walls and a roof standing on a piece of property, it is the entire community you live in. I believe we should all have a voice in deciding what happens in our communities. To that end, I have introduced several bills this legislative session which aim to give residents more power to decide what gets built or installed in their communities.

This week, I brought a bill to the floor of the Senate which would halt the controversial buildout of Silver Sands Beach State Park in Milford. Hundreds of Milford residents have expressed their opposition to this project. Senate Bill 605, which passed with unanimous, bipartisan support, will prevent the buildout from moving forward for two years. The people of Milford and our surrounding communities don’t want this buildout, and the State of Connecticut simply cannot afford it. It simply makes no sense to pursue such an expensive, unwanted construction project, particularly in the current financial climate, when we are struggling to even keep our state parks open. This project was ill-conceived from the start, and I’m glad we were able to put a stop to it.

I am also working to secure passage of a bill that makes several critical reforms that preserve the important purpose of our Affordable Housing Act, but reflect the actual experience with this statute that Milford and other communities have had. Many of you have spoken to me about your concerns with the controversial housing law commonly known as “8-30g,” which has been used to force the approval of construction projects that were inconsistent with towns’ plans of conservation and development and sound planning principles.

At the request of a group of West Haven residents, I also introduced a bill to ensure that the safety of community residents is considered when placing cell canister antennas. Senate Bill 536 would establish a state-wide plan and process for siting these small cell canister antennas, similar to the process that currently exists for cell phone towers. Critical to this process would be participation by the municipality where an antenna may be placed, along with members of the community.

Each of these bills aims to give you a louder voice in deciding the future of our community. They are all the product of issues brought to me by residents of Milford, Orange, West Haven and Woodbridge who saw things being done that did not make sense and sought to fix them. If you have any issues like this that you would like me to work on, please do not hesitate to contact my office.






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